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The NRI Group is an Arkansas-based company specializing in stream and wetland restoration used for compensatory mitigation. We create mitigation banks and sell compensatory mitigation credits to clients so they may offset unavoidable impacts to the aquatic environment. Compensatory mitigation, as defined by the EPA and the U.S. Corps of Engineers (USACE), is the "restoration, creation, enhancement, or in certain circumstances, preservation of wetlands and/or other aquatic resources for the purpose of compensating for unavoidable adverse impacts which remain after all appropriate and practicable avoidance and minimization has been achieved".

Our principal ecological and engineering design staff has over 60 years of cumulative experience in the design, management, and restoration of aquatic (riverine and wetland) ecosystems. All design work includes the preparation of complete construction drawings, specifications including general and special provisions, construction schedules, and construction cost estimates. Our team works together from project conception to completion in order to provide our clients with mitigation credit. This allows them to focus on their business while we take care of their compensatory mitigation needs.

The NRI Group has expertise in the disciplines of fluvial geomorphology, aquatic and wetland ecology, hydrology, hydraulics, hydrography, sedimentology, restoration design engineering, bioengineering, and construction management. We have extensive experience in negotiating projects that require environmental assessment, environmental remediation, wetland mitigation/restoration, stream mitigation/restoration, watershed restoration, and threatened & endangered species habitat mitigation/restoration.

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Meet Our Team

Our team offers an extremely qualified and experienced group of environmental and business professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality services and technical expertise in the fields of stream and wetland restoration. Through our extensive experience in wetland restoration, stream restoration, environmental planning, restoration ecology, and natural resource management, we can provide our clientele with superior results. We come from the regulatory, the non-profit, and the commercial sides of the mitigation equation.

Skip Coffman / President, CEO, & Founder of The NRI Group
Skip Coffman is the President, CEO, and founder of The NRI Group. His management experience in investment banking, financing, developing, constructing, and management of real estate companies serves The NRI Group in the management of the company. He has over 35 years of real estate experience with 70 plus properties throughout the states of AR, NC, LA, OK, MS, and TX. Mr. Coffman’s professional experience includes certified public accountant, investment banker, venture capitalist, and real estate and corporate investor.

Robert Stainton / Senior Engineer
Robert Stainton is the Senior Engineer for The NRI Group, specializing in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. Robert oversees each of our projects from site selection, project identification and planning, stream and wetland design, interfacing with clients and regulatory bodies, and reviews and provides engineering critique on all project designs, surveying, construction, and monitoring. He has extensive experience in hydrologic, hydraulic, groundwater, surface water, sedimentologic, and contaminant modeling. He has also performed fluvial geomorphic investigations, stream and wetland mitigation and restoration, project design, construction, and management. Prior to coming to The NRI Group, Robert was a Senior Hydraulic Engineer at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District. He has been a volunteer for The Nature Conservancy and voluntarily assisted in various hydrology studies and large scale soils mapping operations for riverine wetland mitigation banks in Tennessee and North Carolina. Robert holds Professional Engineer licenses in Arkansas, Mississippi and Kentucky. He has completed Rosgen Courses I-IV.

Kenneth Colbert / Wetland Scientist & Forester
Kenneth Colbert is a Wetland Scientist and Forester. Kenneth oversees wetland determinations and plays a key role in site selection and development. He is the Project Manager for the Lower Cutoff Creek Mitigation Bank and is the primary author of the LCC Prospectus and Mitigation Banking Instrument. LCCMB is the first stream restoration bank in the state of Arkansas. It includes over six miles of stream restoration. He came to The NRI Group via the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission. While at ANRC Kenneth served as the Environmental Program Manager. He has over 13 years of experience in wetland forestry, ecosystem assessment and restoration, 404 permitting, environmental review, as well as mitigation banking. He currently serves on the Wetland Technical Advisory Committee for the State Mitigation Banking Program. He has completed Rosgen Course I.

Brad Humber / Regional Manager – Gulf Coast & Restoration Ecologist
Brad Humber is the Regional Manager – Gulf Coast and a Restoration Ecologist. Brad is the lead for Mississippi endeavors and the Project Manager for our Big Cedar Creek Mitigation Bank. As Project Manager, Brad is the primary author of the BCC Mitigation Banking Instrument and the lead on stream gauging, surveys, burns, invasive species removal, RT&E species surveys, and pre-project biological monitoring. He has extensive experience in stream and wetland biological and hydrological assessments and surveys, baseline biological surveys and monitoring, and water quality sampling. He is knowledgeable in wetland delineation, wetland planning, wetland impact assessments, and permitting. He also has experience in stream and wetland restoration project development and mitigation, land management and invasive species control, bioengineering implementation, reforestation, and restoration construction oversight. Prior to joining The NRI Group, he played key roles in the design and completion of several stream and wetland mitigation banks with The Nature Conservancy and KCI. He is our specialist on RT&E species habitat mitigation. He has completed Rosgen Courses I-IV.

Pat Patterson / Director of Government Relations & Marketing Strategies
Pat Patterson is Director of Government Relations and Marketing Strategies – Pat is lead for our work with regulatory and conservation agencies that both regulate and use mitigation banks. He is also responsible for identifying clients and developing marketing strategies that meet their needs. Prior to working with the NRI Group, Pat spent twenty years working for non-profit conservation organizations. He was Director of Development and State Director for The Nature Conservancy in Mississippi where he led the effort that established the first mitigation bank in the state at Old Fort Bayou. After eight years working at the state level, he moved to Virginia to work at the Conservancy’s national office, first as the Director of the Trustee Program and then as Director of the Migratory Bird Program. In addition to his time at the Conservancy, Pat developed capital campaign strategies for The American Bird Conservancy, worked as Director of Development for Trout Unlimited and NatureServe and spent two years working on development and government relations strategies for Island Conservation.

Dana Mallett / Operations Manager
Dana Mallett is the Operations Manager for The NRI Group. Dana has work with Skip for over eighteen years, managing and accounting for all of his various endeavors. Dana has extensive experience in maintaining corporate accounting records for multiple companies, performing audits for internal control purposes, managing property portfolios, overseeing major renovations and construction projects, human resources management, as well as all other daily management of corporate activities.

Clay Coffman / President of Real Estate Operations
Clay Coffman is the President of Real Estate Operations. He has spent over twenty years working in real estate, construction, and property development. He has extensive experience in land acquisition, financing, and construction. He oversees our real estate portfolio, from initial contact through completion and helps to develop our landowner-driven projects.

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