THE NRI GROUP: Our Mission

The NRI Group strives to provide quality mitigation and conservation through the restoration and protection of our nations aquatic resources.

The NRI Group is an Arkansas-based company specializing in stream and wetland restoration used for compensatory mitigation. We create mitigation banks and sell compensatory mitigation credits to clients so they may offset unavoidable impacts to the aquatic environment. Learn more about The NRI Group.

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Lower Cutoff Creek Mitigation Bank Kings River Mitigation Bank Big Cedar Creek Mitigation Bank Cadron Creek Mitigation Bank

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why buy credits?

Mitigation credits allow your business to replace or "compensate" for the aquatic resources lost through development or permitted activity.

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what we do?

We take degraded stream channels and wetland areas (i.e. ditched, drained, filled, or damaged) and restore them to their historic or natural condition.

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why we do it?

There can be no net loss of stream/wetlands when permitting development activities. Restoration of lands nearby to compensate for their impacts is required.

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